Emergency Substitute Certification

Emergency substitute teacher applications for district EMPLOYMENT ARE NOT submitted through the EPSB; however, the applicant must apply for and receive the one-year emergency certified substitute certification through the EPSB website. Instructions on this application form should be received at the district personnel office. General information is found below.

Each individual Kentucky school district takes applications for their district's Emergency Substitute Teachers. To be eligible to substitute teach on an emergency basis, the applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • Hold a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution. Applicants who possess a bachelor's degree in any subject area from a regionally or nationally accredited institution of post-secondary education do not need to meet the minimum grade point average requirements (KRS.161.102);
  • Have at least ninety-six semester hours of college credit with at least a 2.5 GPA; 
  • From sixty-four to ninety-five semester hours of college credit with at least a 2.5 GPA.

How to Apply for Emergency Substitute Certification

  • Contact the local school district board of education office to make application on the district’s standard employment application form;
  • Submit an official college transcript to the board of education office NOT TO EPSB; and
  • Follow the instructions given to you to by the district to apply for the online certification from EPSB. General instructions may be found below.

Documents may be mailed to the Division of Certification at the address in the footer of this page.

NOTE: ANY certificate for substitute teaching is valid for substitute teaching only; it is NOT valid for continuous part-time employment for classroom teaching or as a permanent replacement for a teacher of record.

Emergency Substitute Certification Application Assistance

The documents on this page are provided for districts and applicants for emergency certified substitute teaching positions as a general guide to obtaining the One-year Certificate for Emergency Certified Teaching via the online CA-4 application process.

APPLICANTS should be aware:

  • They must first apply with a district to begin the employment process. The EPSB website (www.epsb.ky.gov) will be used to obtain the one-year certificate, but it will not be of value without prior information entered by the school district;
  • A separate Certificate for Emergency Certified Substitute Teaching must be obtained for EACH district in which the applicant plans to seek employment; and
  • Certificate(s) for Emergency Certified Substitute Teaching are good for one school year only, and re-application must occur for the certificate each school year.

How To Create Your EPSB Account

  • By creating an account on the EPSB Web Portal, you can monitor your certification process, ensure the most recent assessment scores are updated, and pay necessary fees using ePay. These assessment scores do not constitute an official record. If you would like an official record of your scores you will need to contact ETS.

CA-4 Online for Districts PowerPoint

  • The PowerPoint presentation contains background information and step-by-step instructions for districts and applicants pertaining to the CA-4 application process (PDF).

CA-4 Batch Process

  • This document is for district-use only. It is a supplement to the PowerPoint which provides technical information on the file format to be used if the district wishes to batch load applicants.)

CA-4 Applicant Instructions

  • This document can be used by districts to provide instructions to applicants on how to obtain the Emergency Certified Teaching Certificate from the EPSB online. Applicants are free to use the document as a guide. 
CA-4 Sample Form 

  • This document shows a sample view of the front page of the CA-4 Application Form when completed.

CA-4 User Manual PDF Version

  • This document is a narrative version of the PowerPoint above (CA-4 Online for Districts PowerPoint)

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