Candidates Trained In Kentucky

Candidates trained in Kentucky must:

  • Complete an Educator Preparation Program approved by the EPSB;
  • Complete an application;
  • Submit official transcripts of all graduate and undergraduate coursework;
  • Pass the appropriate assessments for EACH area of certification being sought and the Principles of Learning and Teaching test score for appropriate grade range.
  • The Education Preparation Provider (EPP) certification officer must submit verification of completion of educator preparation program electronically through the KECS system; and
  • Submit the appropriate payment through the electronic payment submission before the application can be completed through KECS.

Statement of Eligibility (SOE) (Teacher)

  • The SOE allows candidates five (5) years to apply and receive employment as a teacher in a Kentucky school. During the first year of employment, the Kentucky Teacher Internship Program (KTIP) must be successfully completed.
  • If the internship is not completed within the five (5) year period, the applicant may renew the SOE by repeating and passing the assessment program in effect for new teachers at that time or by completing a minimum of six (6) graduate hours toward completion of a graduate program required by administrative regulations promulgated by the Education Professional Standards Board.
  • The option for renewal through completion of graduate hours shall be available only for the first renewal.


Application Process due to the suspension of the Kentucky Teacher Internship Program

Teachers who currently hold a valid SOE

The applicant is to apply for the 5 year Professional certificate through the KECS Web Portal:

There is an $85 certification fee for the issuance of the 5 year Professional certificate. The fee must be paid online and is the last step before electronic submission through KECS.

Teachers who currently hold an EXPIRED SOE (and never completed KTIP)

To renew the expired Statement of Eligibility, either submit new Praxis II test passing scores required for the certification area, or complete an additional 6 semester hours of approved graduate credit. Renewal of an SOE using 6 graduate hours is a one-time only option.

The applicant must apply to re-establish eligibility.  An application must be initiated and submitted through the KECS Web Portal.

There is an $85 certification fee for the renewal of the SOE and issuance of the 5 year Professional certificate.  The fee must be paid online through Epay.

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