Proficiency Evaluation

16 KAR 5:030 identifies a process by which an Educator Preparation Provider at a college/university may evaluate and accept competency for educator certification purposes for any of the specific curriculum requirements when the candidate can demonstrate proficiency by reason of previous education, experience, or proficiency examination at a level comparable to the usual requirements in that curriculum area.  


This is an option that is met with stringent review by the university. It is up to the individual candidate to petition a college/university for a proficiency review. Not all colleges and universities allow this as an option for certification recommendation; you must go through one of the colleges/universities offering EPSB-approved Programs for Proficiency Evaluation.   


If the college/university agrees to perform a proficiency review for an individual and the individual is accepted– the applicant is actually admitted to the relevant educator preparation program and then exited based on the university’s requirements for the proficiency review.  


In addition to a college/university’s approval and recommendation (CA-1 application), a candidate must pass all relevant Praxis exams for the area of certification they are pursuing as part of their review. If recommended for certification approval by a college/university - the candidate must complete the CA-1 application and work with the institution to ensure that all program pre-requisites for admission are met.  


The college/university may allow you to do the proficiency evaluation but require some additional preparation coursework. If this is the case, the college/university may recommend you for a Proficiency Provisional certificate which will allow you to find employment in the certification area being sought. You will be mentored by the university and employing district while completing the remainder of the program requirements. You may renew a Proficiency Provisional certificate one time only. After all requirements are met by the university, the CA-1 application is completed to apply for the professional certificate.   


If interested in this route, please contact the respective college/university for more information.

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