Option 8: Teach for America (TFA)

Teach for America is a nationwide, non-profit organization focused on closing the achievement gaps among students in low-income areas. TFA hopes to recruit candidates via its screening process and prepare them for teaching in Kentucky. It will allow a person in a field other than education to receive a one-year Temporary Provisional Certificate (elementary, middle, and/or secondary) renewable for a maximum of three years, if he/she has met the following conditions:

  • Holds a bachelor's degree;
  • Has an offer of employment from a local school district in the area of certification being sought;
  • Meets the participation criteria for the TFA program;
  • Successfully completes all training requirements of the TFA program; and
  • Passes all content assessments required by EPSB in the area of certification being sought.

For more information on the Teach For America program visit www.teachforamerica.org or contact Emaleigh Osborn at emaleigh.osborn@teachforamerica.org.

Last modified: Thursday, December 14, 2023, 12:12 PM