National Board for Professional Teaching Standards

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) is an independent, nonprofit, nonpartisan organization governed by a board of directors, the majority of whom are classroom teachers. Other members include school administrators, school board leaders, governors and state legislators, higher education officials, teacher union leaders and business and community leaders.

The National Board for Professional Standards Certification process, requiring intense self-reflection and analysis of one's own practice, is a forceful professional development experience. Having measured their practice against the highest and most rigorous standards for the profession, teachers say that their teaching is resultantly more focused, reflective, and confident. Teachers who achieve National Board Certification and have a Rank II can apply for Rank I from the Education Professional Standards Board. Rank I is the highest rank in Kentucky and may allow for an increase in salary for teachers based on the local district pay scale that considers educational level and experience.

Offered on a voluntary basis, the advanced system of National Board for Professional Teaching Certification for Professional Teaching Standards complements, but does not replace, state licensing. Each state, school district, and school decides how best to capitalize on the National Board Certification process and the expertise of NBPTS as it designs instructional arrangements to promote student learning and support professional practice.

The National Board Professional Teaching Standards website offers a great depth of information useful to you as you proceed through the program. Visit them at

Candidate Training and Renewal Support

Candidate and NBCT's may find support at the following:

Kentucky Regulations and Statutes Related to National Board Certification

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Temporary Suspension of Enrollments in the Teachers’ National Incentive Trust Fund

  • KRS 161.133 Teachers' National Certification Incentive Trust Fund--Purposes--Appropriations
  • KRS 161.134 Preparation for National Board Certification--Incentives--Authority to prorate reimbursements if funds insufficient -- Administrative regulations for mentoring program
  • KRS 16 KAR 1:040 Teachers National Certification Incentive Trust Fund

Due to budgetary limitations the EPSB is under a temporary suspension of all enrollments into the Teachers’ National Certification Incentive Trust Fund as presented in 16 KAR 1:040. Mentoring services, substitute reimbursements, and fee reimbursement are all suspended at this time. As a result, we are not currently accepting applications. Please contact Jocelyne Waddle at the EPSB with further questions.

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