9.9 CEO Summary and Resources

Continuing Education Option
Understanding Portfolio Design
CEO Summary and Resources, Lesson 9. Section 9

We wish you every success with the CEO process. Although personal goals and objectives will not change during the implementation, professional development activities, and student activities will evolve over time. You should use these new opportunities to expand the vision of what the CEO will mean to you and to your students.

Reflection is a critical component in portfolio development. You need to develop the habit of recording thoughts as you discover new information.

 Remember the overall goal of the CEO process: Continuing teacher growth over time that significantly impacts student learning.

Preparing a Plan for Approval

Finalize the CEO Plan to submit for approval. Work with your coach, other cohort members, and other education professionals. These individuals can be very helpful in writing, editing, and in identifying resources and materials that will help implement the Plan. You should double-check your Plan against the CEO Plan Rubric to ensure completeness.


CEO Artifacts Checklist

CEO Portfolio Submission Form

CEO Portfolio Identification Sheet

CEO Plan Submission Form

CEO Plan Identification Sheet

CEO Reflective Journal Template

CEO Reflective Journal Template Sample

Ethics Agreement

Portfolio Review Checklist

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