9.3 The CEO Binders

Continuing Education Option
Understanding Portfolio Design
The CEO Binders, Lesson 9. Section 3

The CEO Portfolio demonstrates continued professional growth over time and new student learning in your classroom and school. A successful portfolio demonstrates teacher growth in Instructional Content, Instructional Strategies, and Leadership Skills. You must successfully meet all standards in order to be recommended for rank change by selecting portfolio artifacts that document how your CEO experiences relate to each of the Kentucky Teacher Standards Advanced-Level Performances.

The CEO Portfolio Binders


Your CEO Portfolio is a collection of three binders that includes every artifact, narrative, and form necessary for you to be awarded rank change.

Each binder, labeled according to the guidelines in this lesson, should contain specific information to document your CEO growth process. Each binder should be complete and represent quality work.

You should assemble the CEO Portfolio’s three binders with a table of contents for each. When the CEO Plan is approved, you may use documents from your plan as evidence in your portfolio. Some of these documents, such as the self-analysis, will remain unchanged, whereas some, such as the activities and time line, will evolve over time.

DO NOT PUT ANY PAPER DOCUMENTS IN PLASTIC SLEEVES. The electronic storage devices may be placed in a zipper pouch such as a pencil holder.

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