9.5 Binder 2- CEO Evidence

Continuing Education Option
Understanding Portfolio Design
Binder 2- CEO Evidence, Lesson 9. Section 5

Binder 2 serves as supporting evidence of all phases for your CEO Portfolio. A list and description for each requirement of Binder 2 is provided below.

  1. Four inch (4 “) binder maximum
  2. Artifact checklist in Binder 1 will be used as Table of Contents
  3. Organize Binder 2 by the Kentucky Teacher Standards Advanced-Level Performances.
  4. Include all required templates/artifacts for each Kentucky Teacher Standard within each tabbed section.

Use the Template Organizers for:

  • Leadership Project and outcomes based upon the supporting documents
  • Instructional unit templates and supporting documents
  • Evidence that documents acquired skills listed on the Professional Development Activities Time Line
  • Evidence demonstrating state and national assessment scores and effect on planning
  • Professional demonstration materials and video (if video was created)
  • Six Objective Narratives  


Artifact Explanations

Each artifact is accompanied by a brief explanation describing what the artifact represents and why it was selected.  As you think about your explanation, try to imagine you are there in the room with the scoring team while your portfolio is reviewed.

  • What would you tell them about the lesson plans, student work, newspaper clippings, or other materials?
  • What was the artifact’s role in meeting your CEO Goals and Objectives?

The explanations need to fully inform the scorer about the artifacts. You may use one explanation to introduce a cluster or collection of artifacts if they are closely related, such as lesson plans and student work.

NOTE: Professional presentation is critical. Review spelling and grammar to ensure your portfolio reflects the professionalism commensurate to your rank change. Seek assistance from your colleagues so that you ensure your portfolio is a quality product.

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