9.4 Binder 1- CEO Research and Development

Continuing Education Option
Understanding Portfolio Design
Binder 1- CEO Research and Development, Lesson 9. Section 4

Binder 1 serves as the introduction to your CEO Portfolio. A list and description for each requirement of Binder 1 is described below. 

  1. Two inch (2 “) binder maximum
  2. In the front pocket include:
      • Certified check or money order for $1,400 made payable to Kentucky State Treasurer

      • Portfolio Identification Sheet

      • Ethics Agreement

      • CEO Plan Approval Certificate provided by the external scoring team

  1. Table of Contents for Binder 1 (identifies title and pages of all documents)
  2. CEO Plan with revisions (detailed description below)
  3. Classroom video: one zipper pocket, such as a pencil case, with the video, electronic presentation and/or CD ROM along with a summary of the contents (detailed description below)

The CEO Plan with Revisions

The original CEO Plan must include documents for all components (as indicated in Lesson 7):

  • CEO Vision 
  • Teacher, School, Community Profiles (Component 1) 
  • Needs Statements (Component 2) 
  • CEO Goals (Component 3) 
  • CEO Objectives (Component 4)
  • Professional Development Activities Time Line (Component 5) [from Lesson 5]
  • Revised Artifact Checklist* and Leadership Project Template (Component 6)
  • Graduate Courses (Component 7)
  • CEO Time Line (Component 8)[from Lesson 6]
  • CEO Summary

*When you submitted your CEO Plan for scoring, you provided the projected artifacts. The artifacts in your final portfolio submission will be the actual artifacts you have collected or developed.  The Checklist, a template presented in Lesson 4, shows each standard and indicator and provides a space for you to enter the artifact and its location believed to provide the best evidence collected to address that indicator. Some artifacts (such as a classroom videotape) are information rich and may provide evidence of several standards. It would be wise to revisit Lesson 4 at this time to help recall vital information regarding artifacts.

Click this link to review the CEO Artifact information presented in Lesson 4.

Changes in your plan must be made according to the specific directions indicated in the templates. The revised plan should explain to the external scoring team your revisions to the activities and time line as you implemented the Plan. For example, you may have thought the students would respond to a new teaching/learning strategy, but it really did not work. You reflected on the situation and changed direction to achieve better results. Information like this would be critical for the external scoring team to see the growth over time and your reflection on professional development.

Note that all pieces of the original CEO Plan may not need revisions.

Classroom Video or CD ROM and Electronic Presentation

You will need the following electronic presentations:

  1. VHS or DVD of classroom instruction
  2. Power Point presentation, e.g. student demonstration, professional demonstration, etc.


All portfolios must include a video (either VHS or DVD) in a zipper pocket in Binder 1. This video must be no longer than twenty minutes. Include a video summary that provides an outline explaining pertinent information to guide understanding of the nature of each clip. This video may serve as an artifact for many indicators.


It is required that you produce an electronic presentation such as a PowerPoint that relates to your goals and objectives. This may be produced and presented as an instructional tool for students or as an informational resource for parents/caregivers, community, or colleagues as part of the demonstration requirement. The electronic presentation is a valuable tool to cite for information about growth in technology.

Acceptable examples of sounds/images/text to create a software presentation for class/parents/caregivers/colleagues/community include:

  • Streaming video
  • Sound bites
  • Video clips within the PP text
  • Consistent, well-formatted text
  • Hyper links to teacher designed WebQuests

Unacceptable examples of sounds/images/text to create a software presentation for class/parents/colleagues/community include:

  • Sound clips from PP files (bells; chimes; typewriter sounds)
  • Clip art (can be used, but will not count as the images section)
  • Moving text from all angles/spins, etc. from PP files.
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