9.1 Lesson 9 Overview and Objectives

Continuing Education Option
Creating the CEO Timeline and Plan Summary
Overview and Objectives, Lesson 9. Section 1

By the end of this lesson you have completed Phase I.  The completion of Phase I does meet regulatory requirements for a five year renewal.  The remaining Phases are:

  • Phase II: Instructional Reading and Research,

  • Phase III: Classroom Implementation and Student Assessment, and

  • Phase IV: Professional Demonstration and Publication/Portfolio Submission (review Rank I and Rank II demonstration requirements as per Standard 10 of the CEO Portfolio Rubric)

    Click this link to the Getting Started page to review the CEO Lessons 1-9 and four phases, as needed.

    By the end of this lesson, you will:

    1.   review the CEO completion process.

    2.   submit your CEO Plan to your coach for review and signature.

    3.   submit your CEO Plan to the EPSB for external scoring.

    4.   understand requirements of Phases II, III, and IV.

    5.   identify the three binders of the CEO Portfolio.

    6.   be able to organize each binder of the CEO Portfolio.

    7.   utilize the CEO template to select and locate artifacts.

    8.   produce effective electronic presentations of CEO activities.

    9.   utilize the appropriate lesson plan format.

    10. provide reflective documents of teacher and student growth.

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