8.4 Editing and Organizing Your Work

Continuing Education Option
The CEO Plan Rubric and Self-Scoring Process
Editing and Organizing Your Work, Lesson 8. Section 4

In addition to the required CEO Plan components previously described, it is also necessary to include the following:

  • CEO Vision
  • CEO Plan Summary
  • Appendix

Your vision, created in Lesson 1 and the plan summary, written in Lesson 6, may or may not need refinements; either way, they need to be included in the organizational process for the CEO Plan. 

You will create the appendix for your CEO Plan as you gather and arrange data and supportive information which will be discussed later in this lesson.  You will submit your plan after completion of Lesson 9. 

Editing Your Work
The content of your plan must maintain a high level of professionalism. You should work with appropriate professionals to ensure that the content of your plan is concise, complete, and informative. This list provides you with tips you may use to discover content errors in your plan:

  • Use spell check and grammar check. However, do not rely solely on your spell check as it will not correct all contextual errors and misspellings.
  • Use APA style. The American Psychological Association Manual of Style.
  • Use complete names and accurate terminology rather than acronyms for the names of professional organizations and conferences that may be unfamiliar to educators outside of the content area.
  • Use the CEO templates to organize your work.
  • Use cohort members and other colleagues as valuable peer reviewers since they will look at your work from a teacher’s point of view.

Organizing Your Work
Once you have completed all needed revisions you will be ready to arrange your plan in a professionally organized format for the scoring process. You will organize your plan by tabbed sections titled according to the list below. Arrange your plan in a binder appropriately sized for the contents.

Create a Table of Contents listing the titles of your sections as follows:

  • CEO Vision
  • Teacher, School, Community Profiles (Component 1)(Must use the Guided Questions document in Lesson - Be sure to open the links to the Standards and Indicators for School Improvement under School Profile questions.)
  • Needs Statements (Component 2)
  • CEO Goals (Component 3)
  • CEO Objectives (Component 4)
  • Professional Development Activities Time Line (Component 5) [from Lesson 5]
  • Selecting and Positioning Artifacts and Leadership Project (Component 6)
  • Graduate Courses (Component 7)
  • CEO Time Line (Component 8)
  • CEO Summary
  • Appendix

 Do not enclose your CEO Plan and Portfolio contents in plastic sleeves! Submissions in plastic sleeves will not be scored.

Do not pad your plan with unnecessary items. Quality rather than quantity is the key to a successful plan. Discuss the CEO Plan contents and organization with your CEO coach.  You may want others in your cohort to review it as well.

Your plan will not be returned.

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