8.9 Summary and Resources

Continuing Education Option
The CEO Plan Rubric and Self-Scoring Process
Summary and Resources, Lesson 8. Section 9
In this lesson, you have:

  • reviewed and refined the pieces of your completed plan organized the CEO Plan for review.
  • examined the CEO Professional Development Plan Rubric which identifies the components of the Plan.
  • used the CEO Professional Development Plan Rubric to self-score your plan.
  • submitted the self-scored rubric and CEO Plan to your CEO coach for final review.
  • finalized the CEO Plan for external scoring (to be submitted after Lesson 9).



CEO Ethics Agreement

CEO Identification Sheet

 CEO Plan Submission Form

 CEO Professional Development Plan Rubric: Self-Scored

CEO Professional Development Plan Scoring Rubric

Selecting and Positioning Artifacts to Support the CEO Portfolio Rubric

The American Psychological Association Manual of Style 

EPSB Fee Schedule and Scoring Time Line.

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