8.2 Revising the CEO Plan

Continuing Education Option
The CEO Plan Rubric and Self-Scoring Process
Revising the CEO Plan, Lesson 8. Section 2

Once you have compiled all pieces of your plan, you must determine if revisions are needed within each piece. Use the following guided questions and make appropriate revisions to your plan.

1. Has your CEO vision changed from what you originally developed when you started the CEO process?

2. Has your teaching situation changed since you developed your teacher profile?

3. What changes have taken place in your school and/or community since the development of the school and community profiles?

4. Has there been a major change in teacher or school needs since you developed the needs statements?

5. Do your goals and objectives still align to the needs?

6. What professional development growth activities have you located to add to your plan?

7. Are there growth activities that are not pertinent to your plan?

8. What scheduling changes are needed in the time line?

9. Does your CEO summary support your revised plan?

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