8.7 Checking Your Plan

Continuing Education Option
The CEO Plan Rubric and Self-Scoring Process
Checking Your Plan, Lesson 8. Section 7 Assignment

Assignment Instructions: In this assignment, you will be asked to evaluate your plan using the CEO Professional Development Plan Rubric.


Use the rubric as a self-assessment guide to ensure that you have not omitted essential components. Take complete notes regarding needed revisions. These notes are the basis for discussion between you and your coach.


Click CEO Professional Development Plan Rubric: Self-Scored to begin the self-scoring process. Save the document to your computer drive and name the file using this format: (last name) CEOPlanRubric_Self Scored (e.g. moore CEOPlanRubric_Self Scored).


Now that your Self-Scored CEO Plan Rubric is complete, attach your completed CEO Plan Rubric-Self-Scored document to an e-mail and send them to your coach for review.

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