8.6 Identifying Resources and Strategies to Support the CEO

Continuing Education Option
The CEO Plan Rubric and Self-Scoring Process
CEO Plan Scoring Rubric, Lesson 8. Section 6

The CEO Plan Scoring Rubric
Your CEO Plan will be scored by using a document called the CEO Professional Development Plan Scoring Rubric.

NOTE: The scoring rubric for your CEO Plan should not be confused with the portfolio scoring rubric reviewed in Lesson 4.

The scoring rubric identifies the components of the CEO Plan and provides a detailed description of the types and quality of materials included in each. You may receive a score between 2 and 0 points in each area.

This rubric is designed to ensure that you have included the following items in your plan:

  • Teacher, School, and Community Profile:  The in-depth demographic data that puts your plan in context. 
  • Needs: The specific content/strategy/leadership areas where your professional development goals meet the measurable needs of your students and school. 
  • Goals:  The three goal statements that define your scope of work for the CEO.
  • Objectives:  The six measurable actions you will take to reach your goals.
  • Professional Development Growth Activities and Time Line: The specific results oriented activities that provide empirical evidence that you are meeting your objectives and reaching your goals.  The time line defines when and in which order those activities take place.  
  • Leadership Activities:  Develop leadership goals and objectives aligned with the Leadership Project.  The leadership project goal must be based upon established needs of the students/school/district.
  • Graduate Courses: Identify and describe within the plan a minimum of six (6) credit hours of graduate courses that align to the goals of the professional growth plan.

Plan components should include projected artifacts that provide evidence that addresses every indicator of the CEO Portfolio Rubric.

  If there are questions about any particular area of your plan components:

  • Return to the specific CEO online course lesson that covers that issue and make sure you have taken advantage of all of the resource documents.
  • Conference with your CEO coach and/or cohort members to ensure your understanding of the intent of that area of the rubric.

Your CEO Plan will be reviewed by your CEO coach upon completion of all nine lessons in this CEO online course before being submitted to the EPSB for external scoring. You must obtain the signature of your coach on the Identification Sheet before submitting your plan to EPSB for scoring.


Using the CEO Professional Development Plan Scoring Rubric

Click the CEO Professional Development Plan Scoring Rubric link to view the rubric. The Lesson 8 Assignment will give you the opportunity to evaluate your own plan using this rubric.

Once you have completed Lesson 9, you will submit your final CEO Plan to the external scoring team.  Fax the CEO Plan Submission Form to 502-564-9484 at least two weeks prior to the plan submission window.

  • April 1 - 15
  • November 1 - 15 

 A copy of your CEO Plan will be mailed to the following:


 Division of Professional Learning and Assessment

 CEO Staff

 100 Airport Road , 3rd Floor

 Frankfort, KY  40601


DO NOT SUBMIT THE ORIGINAL PLAN. SEND ONLY A COPY. (Your original will be submitted in Binder 1 of your portfolio). Upon submission, your plan becomes the property of EPSB and may be used for continuing education purposes.  Your plan will not be returned.

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