3.2 CEO Plan and Goal Development

Continuing Education Option
Developing CEO Goals and Objectives
CEO Plan and Goal Development, Lesson 3. Section 2 

By the end of this lesson, you should be able to:

  • write an instructional goal for each of the three required areas: Instructional Content, Instructional Strategies, and Leadership Skills.

  • write three teacher and three student objectives (total of six) that correspond with the three required CEO areas for instructional goals as described in the lesson content.

The purpose of creating goals for your CEO Plan and Portfolio is to provide overall direction and context for both.

A goal is defined by Walter Dick, Lou Carey, and James O. Carey as follows:

"Goals are usually stated as skills, knowledge, and attitudes that some group of learners must acquire to satisfy the identified need." (Walter Dick, 2001, page 18)


The goal, therefore, focuses on what learners will be able to do when they complete the instruction. Remember, goals describe the outcome of instruction but not the process to achieve it.

Clear goals result in clear and measurable objectives. An objective is a subset of a goal that measures tasks that achieve the goal.

Therefore, as part of the CEO planning process you are required to develop a goal for each of the three CEO areas, respectively:

  • Instructional Content

  • Instructional Strategy

  • Leadership Skill

Each goal should be broad enough to allow a wide range of objectives and activities and be accomplished within the CEO time line.

To develop clear goals you will need to utilize the following three techniques, resources and/or processes:

  • The CEO Planning Process

  • Writing Goals Techniques

  • The CEO Goals Template
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