3.6 Evidence of Achieved Objectives

Continuing Education Option
Developing CEO Goals and Objectives
Evidence of Achieved Objectives, Lesson 3. Section 6

Overview of the CEO Portfolio
The purpose of the CEO Portfolio is to provide evidence that continuous growth over time resulted in improved student learning by achieving the goals and objectives through relevant professional activities.

Achievement of student objectives will be judged by the quality of student products in the portfolio and the quantified student improvements on teacher-made assessments, performance rubrics, and/or formal tests designed through the instructional units.

Achievement of your teacher objectives will be judged by the quality of the lesson plans, learning materials, and changes in the classroom environment that are evident in the portfolio. You must show growth over time with clear and concise evidence in your CEO Portfolio.

If your school has a well developed professional learning community, you already have an avenue by which to obtain much needed data.  If you are unfamiliar with a professional learning community click on All Things PLC. for more information.

In addition, your systems of intervention program as required under The Elementary and Secondary Education Act. will provide a wealth of instructional strategies and data to assist you.  The following links will help you if your district has not yet defined such a program.

 Kentucky System of Interventions.

 Response to Intervention Homepage.

Student assessments will be planned by you and reviewed by coaches. A wide range of student assessments can be used to document outcomes. Use pre-tests and post-tests designed to assess specific student objectives. Formal tests can be given that show growth in the learning domains.

Other examples of assessments that can be used to measure student progress are:

  • selected response tests
  • open-response tests with rubrics
  • performance events
  • anecdotal records
  •  checklists
  • student self-assessments
  • student created products
  •  technology-assisted tests
  • standardized tests that accompany specific activities 

Teacher-made tests and rubrics that support the unit and lesson plans are strong artifacts for the CEO Portfolio. Samples of students' work related to the unit and lesson plans are also strong pieces of evidence.

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