3.1 Overview and Objectives

Continuing Education Option
Developing CEO Goals and Objectives
Overview and Objectives, Lesson 3. Section 1

In the previous lessons, you have assessed your strengths and needs through a Self-Assessment Questionnaire, created a CEO vision, developed teacher, school, and community profiles, and determined teacher and school needs in Instructional Content, Instructional Strategies, and Leadership Skills. In addition, you developed needs statements to correlate teacher and school needs.

This lesson introduces the development of the CEO Plan's goals and objectives. In this lesson, you will:

  • develop one goal statement for each of the three CEO areas of Instructional Content, Instructional  Strategies, and Leadership Skills
  • develop teacher and student objectives that correlate with each of the goal statements. The goal statements should be based on the needs you determined for each of the three CEO areas.

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