3.5 The Purpose of CEO Plan Objectives

Continuing Education Option
Developing CEO Goals and Objectives
The Purpose of CEO Plan Objectives, Lesson 3. Section 5

The purpose of creating objectives for your CEO Plan and Portfolio is to achieve the goals you have established for each of the three CEO areas of Instructional Content, Instructional Strategies, and Leadership Skills. Remember, an objective is a subset that measures tasks that achieve the goal.

Remember that the concepts of learning must be used in writing objectives.  These objectives must emphasize the knowledge and/or skill a teacher or student lacks in order to achieve competency.

The CEO is based on cognitive growth, which makes it necessary to use the concept of learning in all objectives. Language that indicates learning, mastery, and acquisition of a skill is critical in writing a good objective.

NOTE: The CEO does not award rank change for a demonstration of a previously learned skill or refinement of mastered concepts. The CEO rewards continuous learning over time.

As you work through your goals and objectives, you need to investigate the graduate courses that will best support your goals and objectives.

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