Director of Special Education Certification Renewal

Each five-year renewal shall require:

  • Completion of a CA-2 application;
  • Two (2) years of experience as a director of special education; and
  • Completion of three (3) semester hours of additional graduate credit or the equivalent related to the position of the director of special education; or
  • Completion of forty-two (42) hours of approved training selected from programs approved for the Kentucky Effective Instructional Leadership Training Program provided in KRS 156.101.
  • Appropriate payment through ePay online payment service for certification fees. Please note that any other forms of payment are not accepted and will be returned to the applicant.

Additional Information: The first renewal shall require the completion of a Level II program approved by the Education Professional Standards Board pursuant to 16 KAR 5:010. If a lapse in certification occurs for lack of completion of the Level II preparation, the certification may be reissued for a five-year period upon successful completion of the Level II preparation, but for the lack of the renewal requirements, the certificate may be reissued after the completion of an additional six semester hours of graduate study or the equivalent appropriate to the program.

Last modified: Thursday, March 8, 2018, 3:19 PM