Principal Certification Renewal

Statement of Eligibility (SOE) Renewal (Principal—Levels I and II)

  • The SOE allows candidates five years to apply and receive employment as a principal/assistant principal in a Kentucky school. During the first year of employment, the Kentucky Principal Internship Program (KPIP) must be successfully completed. (Currently the KPIP program is suspended due to budget constraints.)
  • If the applicant does not participate in KPIP within the five (5) year period, the applicant may renew the SOE by repeating and passing the assessments in effect at that time or by completing a minimum of six (6) graduate hours, directly related to instructional leadership, management, or supervision, at a regionally or nationally accredited institution. (If KPIP is suspended, the hiring district sends a Confirmation of Employment to EPSB and a principal certificate will be issued.)
  • The option for renewal through completion of graduate hours shall be available only for the first reestablishment of eligibility.

Level II School Principal Certification Renewal

Each five-year renewal of the certificate for instructional leadership - school principal, Level II shall require:

  • Completion of a CA-2 application;
  • A recommendation from the approved recommending authority regarding the successful completion of an approved Level II program; and
  • Successful completion of two years of experience as a school principal within the preceding five years; or

If the applicant has not successfully completed the two years of experience:

  • Completion of three semester hours of additional graduate credit directly related to the position of school principal for each required year of experience the applicant has not completed; or
  • Successful completion of forty-two hours of approved training selected from programs approved by the Kentucky Effective Instructional Leadership Training Program provided in KRS 156.101.
  • Appropriate payment through ePay online payment service for certification fees. Please note that any other forms of payment are not accepted and will be returned to the applicant.
Documents may be mailed to the Division of Certification at the address in the footer of this page.

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