5.5 Graduate Courses

Continuing Education Option
Identifying Appropriate PD
Graduate Courses, Lesson 5. Section 5

CEO Plan Additional PD Requirements

In the previous lesson you reviewed resources to assist you in identifying highly-qualified PD. One additional PD requirement must be a component of your CEO Plan: graduate courses.

Graduate Courses

Another of the requirements of a completed CEO Plan and your professional development is enrollment and successful completion of a minimum of six credit hours of graduate courses.  Your courses must align to your needs established in Lessons 1 - 4.  Examples of acceptable courses may include research courses, content courses at the master’s level, differentiation of instruction techniques, and dealing with students with special needs. Since you are working toward a Rank II1 or Rank I, graduate level courses must be scheduled. Successful completion of this work requires the following:

  •  Course enrollment
  •  Courses closely aligned to your professional growth plan

  •  Completed time line of your expected enrollment and completion of your graduate courses

  •  Successful completion of graduate courses with a GPA of 3.0

A list of approved programs in Kentucky for graduate level courses may be found on Education Professional Standards Board website.

1A minimum of six (6) graduate credit hours is required.  However, candidates seeking Rank II may take undergraduate course(s) if a graduate level course(s) that supports the CEO Professional Growth Plan (PGP) is unavailable.

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