5.1 Overview and Objectives

Continuing Education Option
Identifying Appropriate Professional Development
Overview and Objectives, Lesson 5. Section 1


You have assessed your strengths and growth needs through the:

  • completion of a Self-Assessment Questionnaire,

  • creation of a CEO vision,

  • development of teacher, school, and community profiles,

  • development of teacher and school needs in Instructional Content, Instructional Strategies, and Leadership Skills, and

  • creation of a Leadership Project plan.

You have also completed the following:

  • developed one goal statement for each of the three CEO areas

  • written three teacher and three student objectives that reflect the instructional goals as described in the lesson content

  • examined the CEO Portfolio Rubric which encompasses the Kentucky Teacher Standards

  • discussion of potential artifacts to meet each standard’s indicators

In Lesson 5, you will review state and federal definitions of high-quality professional development (PD) and the four PD levels to enhance teacher and student growth. Once reviewed, you will continue to work on your PGP by identifying appropriate PD activities for each of the four levels and for each of the three required CEO areas of:

  • Instructional Content

  • Instructional Strategies

  • Leadership Skills

By the end of this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Identify the four levels of professional development (PD) in education.

  • Define high-quality PD activities based on state and federal criteria.

  • Create a spreadsheet of specific PD resources and/or activities that reflect your CEO Plan.

  • Develop a plan for enrolling in graduate courses that best aligns with your PD plan.
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