Cooperating Teacher Training - Part B Video Link

Welcome to Part B of the required cooperating teacher training mandated in 16 KAR 5:040. The following training video is designed to help prepare you for your supervisory role with an introduction to the best practices when supporting a student teacher.

 Supportive document - Co-Teaching Part B Training Video PowerPoint (Please click the "save" option when prompted, then select "open".)

After competion of the video:

You must send an email to the coordinator at the university with which you are associated with the information requested below. Contact information for the coordinator can be found at:

Your message must include both:

  • a statement verifying that you have reviewed all the material in the training module. The statement may be as simple as: “I am writing to verify that I have reviewed all the material in this training module”.
  • a brief narrative describing at least one idea gleaned from the training module to use when supervising student teachers.

Please note: Once you have completed the survey, you will receive a certificate from the EPP coordinator with whom you are associated.

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