6.2 CEO Activities Time Line

Continuing Education Option
Creating the CEO Time Line and Plan Summary
CEO Activities Time Line, Lesson 6. Section 2 Assignment A

You should establish a realistic time line for your professional development (PD) activities. You should include all PD activities from each of your plan’s objectives to receive a holistic view of your PD Plan. Each professional growth activity listed on your CEO Professional Development Time Line and Activities Template in Lesson 5 will be included in this time line


Additionally, other activities pertinent to the CEO process should be included. Sequentially organize these activities in your time line as you schedule them. 


Developing a CEO Activities Time Line

Many successful candidates have agreed that the most difficult component of developing their CEO Plan was developing a realistic time line. The time line is used to organize professional activities that will be incorporated into your CEO Portfolio. As you continue through the CEO phases, you will locate and participate in additional growth activities, adding these to your time line. You should review the time line on a regular basis to consider the time necessary for you to: 

  • Enroll in CEO.
  • Submit the Plan for scoring.
  • Identify resources and acquire new skills.
  • Research current literature in the content area.
  • Develop instructional units.
  • Pre-test students.
  • Post-test students.
  • Develop and refine student materials.
  • Share new skills and materials with other educators.
  • Assemble portfolio artifacts.
  • Complete the Leadership Project.
  • Complete the graduate courses.
  • Assess the Portfolio using the Portfolio Rubric.
  • Assess growth of students.

Important Ground Rules for Developing a CEO Activities Time Line
The following are suggested ground rules that will help you begin building your CEO Activities Time Line.

  • Use the provided template in the assignment. This graphic organizer will not only help you see obvious conflicts in a plan, but the final product also becomes an important component of both the Plan and the Portfolio.
  • Build the time line around naturally occurring events in the school year. You should schedule PD activities far enough in advance of their classroom application to demonstrate growth over time for each skill.
  • Schedule opportunities to measure student progress at logical times during the term or semester. Students will perform better if measurements fall within a schedule that feels natural to them.
  • Start with the details already known. You should research the dates of the major regional, state, and national conferences in the content area and build them into the Plan. These events will inform you when to schedule other related activities.
  • Establish semesters in which to enroll in graduate courses.


CEO Activities Time Line Sample
The following link provides you with sample activities to include in your time line.  These sample activities do not provide a complete overview of the CEO Plan, but they will guide you in developing a CEO time line that will keep you focused on each element of your CEO.

CEO Activities Time Line Sample

By using the activities described in the above information and by working directly with your coach, you will complete the CEO Activities Time Line Template that will demonstrate your expected outcomes throughout the CEO process.

Lesson 6: CEO Activities Time Line - Assignment A

CEO Activities Time Line Assignment Instructions:

Click the link below to complete your CEO Activities Time Line.

CEO Activities Time Line Template

NOTE: Confer with your coach, other cohort members, and other education professionals for appropriate CEO activities which you may want to include.

Now that your CEO Time Line is complete, attach your completed CEO Time Line to an e-mail and send it to your coach for review.

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