1.1 Overview and Objectives

Continuing Education Option
Developing a CEO Vision
Overview and Objectives, Lesson 1. Section 1  

Lesson 1 should enable you to meet the course objectives for: 

  • determining instructional strengths and growth needs in instructional content, instructional strategies, and leadership skills, and 
  • developing your vision for the CEO Plan.

 As a CEO candidate, you will identify your current levels of proficiency and growth needs to establish your CEO Plan. As a result of this reflection, you will target your required areas for improvement listed below.

  • Instructional Content
  • Instructional Strategy
  • Leadership Skill 

Using the CEO Self-Assessment Questionnaire you will determine your own level of proficiency in specific content areas and advanced-level performances.  You will also identify your participation in professional development activities and the impact of those activities in your teaching and student learning.

 The lesson ends with a personal narrative assignment in which you will be asked to discuss your vision. This narrative will serve as an introduction to your formal CEO Plan.


  • Determine instructional growth needs and current proficiency levels in the three following areas: 
         1. instructional content, 
         2. instructional strategy, and 
         3. leadership skills.
  • Complete the Self-Assessment Questionnaire to identify growth needs and areas of proficiency.
  • Establish a CEO vision by summarizing the projected impact of your CEO Plan on classroom teaching and student learning. 
  • Examine the CEO Plan Rubric.
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