Local Educator Assignment Data (LEAD)

The LEAD report is a semiannual report done by local school districts to ensure there is a properly certified educator in every position.  The LEAD Manual and the training documents used in summer LEAD training presentations are available below. These materials are provided for school and district use. Please contact the LEAD Team at: LEADteam@education.ky.gov if there are questions about these documents.

All of the tools on the LEAD page will be available for use on September 1. Tools include upload access, report printing, and the online LEAD Editor. To access the LEAD page, go to: https://wd.kyepsb.net/EPSB.WebApps/LEAD. NOTE: You must be a district LEAD coordinator to access this page.

The deadline for final submission of the Fall LEAD Report from the district to EPSB is November 1. The deadline for final submission of the Spring LEAD Report is February 28.  

If you have any questions about LEAD, please contact the EPSB LEAD team toll-free at: (888) 598-7667 or by e-mail at: LEADteam@education.ky.gov.

Last modified: Wednesday, October 28, 2020, 10:10 AM