FAQ for Online Application Process for School Districts


Q: Is signing off an electronic signature?

A: Signing off will require entering your password and then clicking on the box with the green checkmark that says “Click Here to Agree and Digitally Sign”

Q: Will mentoring plan be uploaded twice for renewal?

A: Yes.  The mentoring plan will need to be uploaded for the first issuance of the Temporary Provisional certificate, and then again for the first renewal.  The mentoring plan is NOT required if the candidate will be completing KTIP.

Q: Is there a clear date for when paper applications are no longer accepted?

A: At this time, no, no definitive date has been set…however we anticipate that it will be sometime around April 1st, but this is subject to change.

Q: Does the online CA-TP application need a waiver button to click?

A: For now, the waive button will remain on the online CA-TP application form.  This is because there will be students currently enrolled in Option 6 programs seeking additional certification, and are not required to complete another KTIP.  Until these transitional students are complete, this option needs to remain in place.

Q: Will EPP be notified when the CA-TP application is approved?

A: Yes.  The EPP will receive an automated email notification once the CA-TP application has been approved and processed by the EPSB.  The Certification Officer can also check the status of an application in the Pending Applications screen.

Q: Are EPPs responsible for alerting candidates when they need to renew?

A: No.  It is ultimately the candidates’ responsibility to maintain their certification and know their renewal requirements.  Renewal requirements are listed on the face of the individual’s certificate.  Some districts do send out notifications to their teachers when it is nearing time for them to renew. (This is a courtesy practice only)

Q: Will electronic signatures be accepted on the mentor agreement?

A: Yes.

Q: Who provides the transcript?

A: It is the candidate’s responsibility to do a transcript request and submit the transcript to the EPSB, either by mail or electronically through the clearinghouse.

Q: When does the online CA-TP application go live?

A: We anticipate that the online CA-TP and CA-1 forms will go live the first week of February.


Q: Will candidates be permitted to apply for level 2 if they do not have a level 1?

A: If a candidate completes a Level 1 and Level 2 administrator program, the EPP must show the student admitted and exited from both programs and can recommend for both certifications.  Upon processing, the EPSB certification consultant will only issue the Level 2 certification.  

Q: Will EPP programs and non EPP programs be separate?

A: Approved EPP programs will be listed on the EPSB website and can be found at: https://wd.kyepsb.net/epsb.webapps/admissionsexit/ApprovedPrograms/approved.aspx.  Information about non EPP programs, such as National Board and the Continuing Education Option can also be found on our website.  Candidates who wish to apply for rank change based on a non EPP program (NBCT, CEO, or content area degree) will submit the online CA-1 application directly to the EPSB and those will not require an EPP recommendation.

Q: Will transcripts be uploaded or mailed in?

A: Transcripts can be sent electronically through the Clearinghouse or sent by mail.  This is the same process in which transcripts are currently sent.  At this time, we do not have an option for the candidate to upload a transcript directly to our system.

Q: Will a candidate use the online process once he/she completes an approved Rank 1 program?

A: Yes.  If they complete an approved rank change program through an EPP, the candidate will initiate the online CA-1 application through our website.  The EPP will receive notification that there is a pending application awaiting their review and approval.

Q: Regarding the 5 years substitute certificate…We automatically add that to all of our initial certification CA-1 forms.  However, since we do not enter them in the Admissions’ system for the 5 year certificate—will candidates be able to put that on their online certification form—since they have not been admitted to a program for it?  

A: The Certification staff will automatically add the 5 year sub if it’s for the initial statement of eligibility.

Last modified: Thursday, February 1, 2018, 10:51 AM