Continuing Education Option (CEO) - Plan II

KRS 161.1211 establishes the classifications of teachers.  According to the statute, an educator may obtain Rank II by obtaining a Master’s Degree or Continuing Education.  Rank I is obtained by meeting the requirements of Rank II and having an additional 30 hours of college credit or continuing education.  KRS 161.095 provides that the Education Professional Standards Board (EPSB) shall develop standards for continuing education including university courses, an advanced degree or a combination of field-based experiences, individual research, and approved professional development.  16 KAR 8:030 sets forth the current continuing education option for rank change. Amendments to 16 KAR 8:030 filed after the April 2019 meeting of the EPSB, set the requirements of a second CEO option for rank change: CEO Plan II.

CEO Plan II allows districts, groups of districts (such as educational cooperatives), and Kentucky institutions of higher education with EPSB-approved educator preparation programs to submit a continuing education option plan to the EPSB for approval.  Satisfactory completion of these planned programs would allow educators to grow in their profession and achieve rank change through field-based experience, research and approved professional development. CEO Plan II requires approval by the EPSB before they may be offered for rank change.  Based upon the statutory and regulatory requirements, as well as input from diverse stakeholders, guidelines have been created which outline the process for the submission of the program, including an introduction, capstone project, job-embedded professional development experiences, assessment of candidates and program evaluation. 

Plan Proposals should be submitted electronically to Sharon Salsman at

Questions should be directed to Sharon Salsman at (502) 564-4606 ext. 2159 or

Additional references and materials:

CEO Plan II Guidelines
CEO Plan II Proposal Submission Form
16 KAR 8: 030

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