Proficiency Evaluation Process for EPPs

16 KAR 5:030 Proficiency Evaluation, allows Kentucky-based educator preparation providers (EPPs) to conduct proficiency evaluations of teacher candidates to receive an initial or additional certification for its approved educator preparation programs. EPPs should read the regulation carefully to fully understand and comply with the regulation. The following is a generalization of the process.

Process for Proficiency Evaluation Approval

An EPP interested in conducting proficiency evaluations must submit to the EPSB its intent to conduct them. Then the EPP must develop its plan describing how it will conduct proficiency evaluations to verify the candidate meets the standards of the program. The plan will be reviewed and recommended for approval, approval with modifications, or disapproval. Once approved the EPP may start conducting Proficiency Evaluations.

Issuance of Proficiency Provisional Certificate

If the candidate does not fulfill all of the requirements to meet the standards, the EPP will develop an Educator Learning Plan (ELP) for the candidate. The EPP may recommend to the EPSB that the candidate receive a Proficiency Provisional Certificate and issue a letter to the candidate stating the candidate is eligible for employment.

Once the candidate receives a validated offer of employment, the candidate must submit that validation, along with other needed documentation to the EPSB prior to the issuance of a Proficiency Provisional Certificate.

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