Formal Reflections

Continuing Education Option
Formal Reflections, Section 4

$USER_NAME$, as you progress throughout the CEO process you will maintain formal reflections of your accomplishments, modifications, or other aspects related to your and your students’ growth over time. You will reflect on the impact your teaching is having on your students’ learning, as it relates to your growth in knowledge and skills.

Keep reflections of all phases of the CEO process as you move forward with your work. Keeping an informal journal or diary may be beneficial as you collect information for your formal entries.
Formal Reflections
Formal reflections are those addressing professional development or other major activities that you feel have an impact on your growth.

Three-Step Process Outline for Reflections
The Three-Step Process Outline below will help structure the individual journal entries. By using this outline, you will be able to organize your thoughts. Complete your formal and final reflections by:
  1. using The Three-Step Process Outline for each reflection.
  2. indicating the type of reflection by using the drop down box: formal or final.
  3. indicating the type of activity, e.g., professional development, instructional unit.
  4. dating each journal entry.
  5. including any information that will help the scorer easily identify your and your students’ growth over time.
The Three-Step Process Outline
Process Steps
Step 1: Description
List the activity, based on the PD plan. Examples of discussion items might be:
  • What was read?
  • What workshop was attended?
  • What activity/lesson was performed?
  • What was discussed with the mentor?
  • What was observed while shadowing?
  • What other PD activities were completed?
Steps 2: Analysis
Briefly describe the activity or item listed above, providing an overview of the item/activity using your professional judgment as it relates to your CEO program.
Step 3: Reflection
Reflect on how the previous activity or item helped you or your students.
This step should communicate three effects:
  • How did you do on the activity/how were you affected by the activity?
  • How did the students do on the activity/how were the students affected by the activity/information gained?
  • What worked well/what changes would you make?
Click on the CEO Reflective Journal Template to view the form you will use to develop your reflections.
View the CEO Reflective Journal Template Sample for additional help.
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