Research Reports and Survey Results

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Area: Assessment
Year or Date of Report: Novebmer 2003
Source: Other Group or Agency Report
Title: Teacher Educators and KTIP: Promises, Problems, and Possibilities
Description: For almost two decades, the Kentucky Teacher Internship Program (KTIP) has helped new teachers adjust to their classroom duties. Each new teacher, called an intern, is assigned a three member committee for the first year in the school: a resource teacher, a veteran teacher usually in the same school and trained in mentoring; the principal, who runs the committee; and a teacher educator, a representative of a nearby university or college. The committee meets several times during the year, observes the intern over three cycles, and at the end of the year decides if the intern meets the state’s new teacher standards and should received a full teaching certificate. This white paper focuses on intern assignments and roles of the teacher educator in KTIP committees, based on complaints about large numbers of retired teachers and principals serving as teacher educators, and about logistical difficulties in teacher educator visits to schools.
Document: PDF document Teacher Educators Study-Unified.pdf
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