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Board Meeting Presentations Charter Career Progressions Task Force

The current classification of teachers outlined in KRS 161.1211, is based on a model that uses additional education as a proxy for competency, despite more recent research challenging this idea. The costs of that additional education have grown drastically leaving teachers with student loan debt, while salaries have not increased.

A Career Progressions Task Force was chartered at the December 11, 2017, meeting of the Board. The purpose of the Task Force is to review and develop a new career progression system for 21st century educators.

A new career progression system should:

  1. redirect existing elements (e.g., National Board certification, rank, teacher leadership, etc.) to conform to a new model of teacher capability development based on a coherent model of teacher competency; and
  2. call for no new sources of funding, redirecting existing sources of funding to recognize accomplishment along the continuum of the new teacher effectiveness model.

PDF document Charter and Task Force for Career Progressions 2017-12-11.pdf
Board Meeting Presentations EPSB Executive Director Evaluation 2017

EPSB Executive Director Evaluation 2017

PDF document EPSB Executive Director Evaluation 2017.pdf
Board Meeting Presentations Professional Standards for Educational Leaders Board Report

PowerPoint Presentation on Professional Standards for Educational Leaders 

PDF document Professional Standards for Educational Leaders Board Report Revised [Read-Only].pdf
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