Policies and Procedures

9. Procedure: Rounding Policy for Grade Point Average Tabulation

  • Approved November 19, 2001
  • Amended August 26, 2002

Pursuant to KRS 161.028, the Education Professional Standards Board ("the Board") is required to establish the standards for obtaining and maintaining a certificate. The Board has adopted minimum grade point average (GPA) requirements for admission to educator preparation, entrance to student teaching, and certificate application. These requirements are reflected in Title 16 of the Kentucky Administrative Regulations. For purposes of tabulating a GPA to meet these requirements, the Board directs staff to use the following procedures:

A 2.450 GPA shall be rounded up to a 2.5. All GPAs between a 2.450 and 2.499 shall be rounded up to a 2.5.

A 2.950 GPA shall be rounded up to a 3.0. All GPAs between a 2.950 and 2.999 shall be rounded up to a 3.0.

GPA shall be rounded up by 5/100 of a point when favorable to the teacher candidate or certificate applicant.