Policies and Procedures

3. Policy: Evaluation of the Executive Director

  • Approved August 15, 2016

I. The Education Professional Standards Board (EPSB) has the authority and the responsibility to recruit, select, employ, and evaluate an Executive Director pursuant to KRS 161.028.

II. The purpose of Executive Director Evaluation is to ensure that the EPSB provides the Executive Director with sufficient direction to ensure that the Executive Director is able to support the mission of the EPSB and met EPSB goals through the Executive Director’s management of the day to day operations of the board pursuant to KRS 161.017.

III. Policy Governing Procedures relating to the Executive Director Evaluation will include specifically detailed occurrences that are guided by a specific timeline.

  1. The EPSB’s written evaluation procedures will be designed to:
    1. Evaluate the progress of the Executive Director as it relates to the execution and implementation of the EPSB’s goals and strategic plan;
    2. Evaluate the Executive Director’s professional contributions and performance as a leader and as a manager; and
    3. Provide the Executive Director with feedback to improve performance.
  2. The Mid-Year Evaluation is prepared to provide the Executive Director with the on-going feedback required for effective supervisor/employee relations between the EPSB and the Executive Director.
  3. The Annual Evaluation is the last phase of the ongoing performance management and assessment process and will serve to:
    1. Maintain a formal evaluation of performance over a specified period of time based on expectations identified by the EPSB and shared with the employee.
    2. Provide feedback to the Executive Director and assist the Executive Director in planning for the next performance period; and
    3. Models a continuous assessment system that will not replace continuing feedback and communications to the Executive Director regarding job performance.