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Certification Homepage
Information regarding the Division of Certification
Administrator Certification
School Principal, Guidance Counselor, Superintendent, Supervisor of Instruction, Special Education, and Director of Pupil Personnel Certification Links
Alternative Routes to Teacher Certification
Alternative routes to teacher and administrator certification
Certification Regulations
The EPSB is governed by regulations. View all applicable regulations.
Certification Renewal
First, second and subsequent certification renewal instructions for all certificates
Emergency Non-Certified School Personnel Program
Information regarding the Emergency Non-Certified School Personnel Pilot Program
Fees for Certification
Fee Schedule for Teacher Certifcation, Rank Changes, Extensions and Renewals
KY Educator Certification Inquiry
Link to EPSB Web Application for inquiries regarding teacher certification status
Local Educator Assignment Data
National Board Certification
National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) certification information
Forms needed for Certification
Rank Change
Standard Rank Change and Alternative Rank Change Options including Continuing Education Option & National Board Certification Option
Substitute Teacher Certification
How to get certified to Substitute teach in the state of Kentucky
Teacher Certification
How to get certified to teach in the State of Kentucky
This process will allow those teachers who already meet NCLB requirements to add a certificate endorsement or extension
Contact Division of Certification
Contact form, hours of operation & phone numbers for the Division of Certification
Questions and Answers regarding Teacher Certification in Kentucky

Professional Learning & Assessment

Professional Learning & Assessment Homepage
Information regarding the division of Professional Learning and Assessment
Principal Assessments
Testing requirements for Principal Certification
Teacher Assessments
Certificate and Endorsement testing requirements
Contact Division of Professional Learning & Assessment
Contact form for correspondence with the Division of Professional Learning & Assessment

Educator Preparation

Accreditation Status
Accreditation status of Kentucky educational institutions
Approved Programs
Approved educator preparation programs in Kentucky listed by Institutions and by Programs
Educator Preparation Homepage

Information regarding the division Educator Preparation of EPSB
Kentucky Board of Examiners
Peer review process for evaluating institutions ensuring quality teacher/administrator preparation
Content Area Review Training
Training to help those wishing to serve on the EPSB's Content Area Program Review Committee
Governing Regulations
View Division of Educator Preparation regulations
Educator Preparation Standing Committees
Committees appointed by the EPSB, to help with the approval and evaluation of preparation programs for teachers and other professional school personnel
Program Submission Guidelines
Information for the submission of educator preparation programs in Kentucky
Protocols for Accreditation
State Only Accreditation & NCATE and State Accreditation protocols
Standards for Kentucky Educator Performance
Perfomance standards for the State of Kentucky
Student Teacher Supervisors
Information for teachers regarding student teacher cooperation compensation and assistance to college/university personnel in completing the web application
Title II
Information regarding Section 207 in Title II of the Higher Education Act
Title II Admission/Exit Guidelines
Admission and exit data for Title II program completers
Visitation Schedule
List of scheduled institutions visitations by EPSB Board of Examiners
Contact the Division of Educator Preparation
Contact form for correspondence with the Division of Educator Preparation of EPSB


Internship Homepage
Information regarding Kentucky Internship Programs (KTIP)
Kentucky Teacher Internship Program Deadlines
Forms & Reports
Internship Forms, Spreadsheets, Reports & Presentations
Governing Regulations
The Kentucky Teacher Internship Program (KTIP) governing regulations
Resource Teacher Information
Tuition Waiver Contacts, Approvable Mentoring Time
School District Assignments
KTIP Specialists and the school districts for which they are assigned
Training Information
Teacher Internship Program Training Information
Contact the EPSB about internship
Contact form for correspondence with the Division of Professional Learning & Assessment

Data & Research

Data & Research Homepage
Education Professional Standards Board's statistical data and reports
Research & Reports
Links to EPSB research papers & research paper reviews

Board Information

Board Information Homepage
Information regarding Education Professional Standards Board (EPSB)
Meeting Agendas & Minutes
Current Executive Director's Newsletter
Newsletter Archives
Past EPSB Executive DIrector Newsletters
Division Information
Listing of all EPSB divisions, staff & contact information. Also find legal information here.
Employment Opportunities
Education Professional Standards Board Employment Opportunities
Meeting Agendas, Dates & Minutes
Education Professional Standards Board Members & contact information
Contact EPSB
Contact form for correspondence with the EPSB

Legal Services & Ethics

Ethics Homepage
Information regarding the Legal Division of EPSB
Character & Fitness
Information regarding character and fitness applications
Code of Ethics

Professional code of ethics for Kentucky school certified personnel regulation
Educator Misconduct

EPSB is responsible for suspending, revoking, and/or refusing issuance or renewal of the certificates of teachers and administrators who engage in misconduct
Contact Division

Contact form for correspondence with the Division of Legal Services.