CEO Overview

Purpose of CEO
The Continuing Education Option (CEO) supports teachers in achieving Rank I or Rank II through individualized, research-based job-embedded professional development plans. A teacher may use the CEO for achieving Rank I or Rank II, but not both. Rank change is recognized only in Kentucky and though it is not a master’s degree, it does meet statutory requirements for continuing education (KRS 161.095).
Candidates pursuing the CEO understand that this program:
·        is an intense 18 - 48 month process towards a Rank change.
·        does not lead to a master’s degree.
·        is only recognized in the state of KY and has no reciprocity with other states.
·        requires initiative and the ability to work independently.
·        adheres to the regulations regarding certificate renewal.
Candidates who have difficulty remaining on task without the help of an instructor or who have difficulty monitoring their own time line, may want to consider another avenue for the rank change. Likewise, if you are interested in pursuing an administrative position the CEO may not be the right choice for you. To obtain an administrator’s position, you must first hold a master’s degree. Contact an institution of higher education for master’s degree programs.
CEO Course Description
The CEO course combines online learning with face-to-face cohort meetings. Teachers will work with experienced coaches to:
  • develop a Job-Embedded Professional Development Plan (CEO Plan).
  • study related research.
  • design an action research project demonstrating through an instructional unit.
  • video-tape lesson(s) presented during an instructional unit.
  • develop and implement a Leadership Project.
  • enroll and successfully complete six hours of graduate courses related to the CEO Plan.
  • complete reflective journal entries throughout the CEO process.
  • provide a professional demonstration by presenting to a chosen audience. A PowerPoint presentation will be required.
  • organize the evidence of teacher and student growth into three binders of the completed portfolio.
The CEO course, comprised of four phases, utilizes online learning to support the successful completion of the CEO process.
·         Phase I: Orientation and CEO Plan.
During this phase the Job-Embedded Professional Development Plan is developed that focuses on a professional growth need identified by the teacher with considerations given to the needs identified in the school’s growth plan, student assessment results, and community. Within the plan the teacher develops the proposals for the remaining phases of the CEO: the instructional unit, the leadership project, and graduate courses. The components of the plan must align with the ten (10) Kentucky Teacher Standards Advanced-Level Performances. Progress and issues that arise are formally documented through an on-going reflective journal.

·         Phase II: Content Exploration and Research.
Content Exploration and Research consists of literature review to identify resources that support the instructional unit. Graduate courses and a leadership project are initiated during this phase. Progress and issues that arise are formally documented through an on-going reflective journal.

·         Phase III: Student Instruction and Assessment (Instructional Unit).
Student Instruction and Assessment consists of the instructional unit, reflection, and refinement based upon student achievement data as described in the job-embedded professional development plan. Through the instructional unit, you will implement action research. Your graduate courses and leadership project are completed during this phase. Progress and issues that arise are formally documented through an on-going reflective journal. Video-taped lessons of instructional units will be needed as artifacts of research-based instructional practices.

·        Phase IV: Professional Demonstration and Publication/Portfolio Submission.
Professional Demonstration and Publication consists of evidence of a public presentation of all Portfolio components as defined in Phases I through III. Progress and issues that arise are formally documented through an on-going reflective journal. A copy of a PowerPoint presentation that meets the guidelines established in the lessons is required.

Evidence of all components of Phases I through IV presented during the public presentation is provided in the CEO Portfolio and submitted for final scoring.
CEO Portfolio documenting all requirements for a successful CEO
Your CEO Portfolio will be submitted in 3 binders with specific instructions being outlined in Lesson 9.
·        Binder 1 serves as the introduction to your CEO Portfolio.
·        Binder 2 serves as supporting evidence of all phases for your CEO Portfolio.
·        Binder 3 contains reflections of the outcomes throughout the CEO process, as well as a final reflection.
CEO Fee Schedule
The Continuing Education Option is a self-supported program receiving no funds from the state general funds.  Based on the following fee schedule, coaching, scoring, online course training, and all other program requirements will be met.
·        Registration Fee: $1,250 (Includes registration into [$150] and seminar sponsor [$1,100]).
·        Plan Scoring Fee: $455
·        CEO Portfolio Submission Fee: $1,400
·        Graduate Courses: Fee as established by university
Additional Costs for resubmission are as follows:
·        Plan re-scoring: $50
·        Portfolio re-scoring: $140 per standard
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