7.8 Assessment Tools, Data Collection, and Recording Research Data Assignment

Continuing Education Option
Designing Instructional Units/Action Research
Assessment Tools, Data Collection, and Recording Research Data, Lesson 7. Section 8 Assignment

Assessment Tools and Data Collection

State and national assessment reports can be used to gather evidence. Assessment results can be used to support one or more goals in your CEO Plan through documentation for learner growth. These results can be used as the basis for the development and implementation of action research through the use of a pre-test/intervention/post-test model.  

Additional data provided by the assessment results provides information concerning a multitude of factors such as:

  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Family income 
  • Gifted and talented
  • Limited English Proficiency (LEP)
  • Disability

Additional sources of data that you might find useful include standardized test scores, STAR Reading Assessments, and teacher-made tests. 

Recording Research Data
Even very successful candidates have mentioned that they struggled with the problem of how to present research data. The Article Review Template,  provided will help with literature reviews.

Action research will appear in several ways in the CEO Plan and in the Portfolio. It will be included in activities and in the time line so that the scoring team will see it in context. The teacher-made materials and samples of student work will be included in Binder II of the Portfolio, so that the scoring team will see the final product.

The qualitative results of actions must be presented in a clear, concise format or template so that results are obvious to the readers.

Lesson 7 Assignment Instructions: Conduct a literature search based on the information presented in this lesson.

Action Research Template

Locate three full-text articles, one article for each of the three required areas of Instructional Content, Instructional Strategies, and Leadership Skills, that are pertinent and supportive to your CEO Plan.

Complete three formal reflections of the articles using the Article Review Template. Save this template and name the file "(lastname) Article Reviews." 

Article Review Sample

NOTE: Remember to use APA format in listing your resources and references.

Now that your Article Reviews are complete, attach your completed Article Reviews to an e-mail and send them to your coach for review.  

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