7.7 Article Review Format

Continuing Education Option
Designing Instructional Units/Action Research
Article Review Format, Lesson 7. Section 7

Article Review Format
When reviewing articles as you conduct a literature search, you should recognize that most research articles should be presented in the following format:

  • Article Title
  • Author(s)
  • Journal
  • Publication Information: Date, Volume and Issue, Page Numbers (presented in APA format) 
  • Publisher Information: Publisher (organization, e.g., NCTM), City—Note, this info may not be available for some journals.
  • Keywords: These should be keywords that define the major topics of the article. i.e., if someone were searching a database of these articles, then they would search these keywords much as educators search ERIC databases. Examples: gender equity, cooperative learning, spatial sense, etc.
  • Introduction: Very short intro to the article; one or two sentence summary at most. Why did the candidate and the group decide to look at this article and review it for the current project?
  • Abstract and Overview: Short summary of the article. True abstracts are no more than 100/150 words and have one paragraph. This abstract and overview may be a little longer. Nevertheless, the candidate should try to keep the abstract to one or two paragraphs at most.
  • Analysis and Synthesis: Here, the candidate actually "reviews" the article. What are the most important conclusions of the article or the most important aspects from the candidate’s perspective? How, specifically, does this inform the group and the project? What can one learn from the article? Are there points in the article with which there is disagreement? Why? The candidate needs to pull it all together. What conclusions or implications does the candidate think are the most important? All that is needed is a few well-crafted paragraphs that are succinct and direct with sound, supportive arguments.
  • Implications for the CEO project: Connect your research to your goals and objectives. This may be redundant with some of the analysis and synthesis section, but elaborate on how you will implement this new knowledge in your classroom.

For the CEO Plan you may not have collected all necessary data to provide results at this point.  Use the following standardized template to write your article reviews. Download and save this Word document.

 Article Review Template with Descriptions

 Article Review Template  

 Article Review Template Sample

Plan or Portfolio Literature
When reviewing the literature for a plan or portfolio, you should ask yourself the following three questions:

  • Is there adequate information?
  • Is there clarity and objectivity in the writing?
  • Is the content appropriate for the intended audience?
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