7.6 Online Literature Search Strategy

Continuing Education Option
Designing Instructional Units/Action Research
Online Literature Search Strategy, Lesson 7. Section 6

Beginning an Online Literature Search
Locate at least three full-text articles that will:

  1. Support your needs and/or vision statement.

  2. Provide background information to help structure professional development activities.

  3. Contain research to support your own action research plans.

Site resources and references in the plan and in the portfolio using the APA format. For quick online assistance to citing references in APA style visit these sites:


APA Style Internet links

Citing References to APA Style

Internet Link

Citation Machine– this site enables you to fill in citation criteria and will format into the correct APA style.


APA Style.org– this site provides you with access to citation information to books, electronic products and other sources available on the Internet.


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