7.1 Overview and Objectives

Continuing Education Option
Designing Instructional Units/Action Research
Overview and Objectives, Lesson 7. Section 1

In this lesson, you will use two research techniques to locate resources that address the targeted needs identified in your CEO Plan. You will also be introduced to three resources and strategies to assist you in your quest for information to support your CEO Plan.

By the end of this lesson, you will learn to:

  •  design instructional units that are based on action research.
  •  develop instructional units and gather data that improves instructional practice.
  •  connect your instructional units to the goals and objectives you have established for the CEO.
  •  use the research design for comparison data.
  •  define types of research.
  •  distinguish between educational research and action research.
  •  demonstrate ability to utilize a variety of professional resources and online research tools.
  •  demonstrate the implementation of a literature review.
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