4.3 Leadership Project

Continuing Education Option
The Kentucky Teacher Standards
Leadership Project, Lesson 4. Section 3 Assignment A

Leadership Project
As part of your completed CEO Plan and final submission of your CEO Portfolio you must submit a completed Leadership Project that aligns to:  

  • Job-Embedded Professional Growth Plan 
  • Leadership Needs Statement/Leadership Goal and Objectives 
  • Kentucky Teacher Standards Advanced-Level Performances 
  • Leadership Project Guide

Your project should extend beyond your normal responsibilities, but it can be an extension of an existing program that needs improvement to obtain the needed student results.  During this lesson you will design your project, then copy and paste your Needs Statement/Goals and Objectives into the Leadership Project Template.

Assignment A:  Creating the Leadership Project

Leadership Project Template/Project Guide

The Leadership Project Template will assist you in developing your project plan and meeting the criteria established in the Leadership Project Guide.

Leadership Project Sample


Review both documents to complete the Template.  The external scoring team will use the Leadership Project Guide to determine your readiness to work on the project.  Do not begin to work on the project until the external scoring team has approved your CEO Plan.

You must provide the following information on the Template to complete Assignment A:

  • Copy and paste your leadership needs statement
  • Define your leadership goal and identify your project
  • Create your leadership objectives.
  • Develop your leadership assessment plan.
  • Identify the time line of activities, including collaborative partners.
  • Provide reflections based on data analysis.

Now that your Leadership Project Proposal is complete, attach your completed Leadership Project Proposal to an e-mail and send it to your coach for review.

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