2.7 Needs Statements, Assignment B

Continuing Education Option
Developing Profiles and Supported Needs Statement
Needs Statements Assignment B, Lesson 2. Section 7

Assignment Instructions: Click below to view three samples of needs statements, one each for instructional content, instructional strategies, and leadership skills.

Sample Needs Statements

Next, click on the CEO Needs Statements Template; below and save to your computer. This template will help you organize thoughts and information into three well-defined needs statements of:

  • Instructional Content
  • Instructional Strategies
  • Leadership Skills

CEO Needs Statements Template

Note: The CEO Needs Statements Template is a Word document and should be saved to your computer for use in this assignment. This is an initial draft. The document will evolve over the course of the CEO. Remember that documentation will help strengthen the CEO process.

Now that your CEO Needs Statements are complete, attach your completed CEO Needs Statement document to an e-mail and send it to your coach for review.

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