2.6 Profile Narratives, Assignment A

Continuing Education Option
Developing Profiles and Supported Needs Statement
Profile Narratives Assignment A, Lesson 2. Section 6

 Sample Profiles:

 Review the link, Teacher, School, and Community Profile Sample

 Assignment Instructions:

  1. Use the Guided Questions for Developing Profile Narratives.
  2. Create a Word document to describe the three profiles based on the Guided Questions for Developing Profile Narratives.
  3. Use the additional resources to identify specific requests outlined in the Guided Questions for Developing Profile Narratives document.

Create a new Word document as an RTF file (see link below) and name it "(last name) profiles." Begin drafting your teacher, school, and community needs profiles using the resource suggestions and sample profile narrative provided.

Now that your Narrative Profile is complete, attach your completed Narative Profile to an e-mail and send it to your coach for review.

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