2.4 Issues for Reflection

Continuing Education Option
Developing Profiles and Supported Needs Statements
Issues for Reflection, Lesson 2. Section 4


As you develop your three needs statements, it is important to reflect on the identification of growth needs, their relationship with each other, and whether the needs you've established are clear and convincing.

The following is a list of questions to enable you to reflect as you identify, refine, and develop Instructional Content, Instructional Strategies, and Leadership Skills. If you already have a clear vision for your CEO Plan, you should think in terms of finding data that support needs and vision.  

Questions for reflection  

  • How do you identify the three needs? What begins as an intuitive feeling of need can often be supported by data.
  • Is there an equal balance among the three needs? Will addressing one of the needs support meeting the other two? 
  • Have you expressed each need so that it supports the other two in measurable ways? 
  • How are the three needs related? 
  • Is there a clear, definable link between professional growth needs, students’ needs, and leadership needs in that content area?
  • Are needs statements clear and convincing?
  • Is the rationale for the CEO Plan clear and concise? 
  • Have you used clear convincing language that helps the scoring team see your long-range vision?
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