2.3 School and Teacher Needs Statements

Continuing Education Option
Developing Profiles and Supported Needs Statement
School and Teacher Needs Statements, Lesson 2. Section 3

Purpose of the Needs Statements

The purpose of each needs statement is to provide specific data pointing to instructional and programmatic gaps you address through the CEO. The needs statements provide justification for the three areas listed below:

  • Instructional Content
  • Instructional Strategies

  • Leadership Skills 

The more focused and specific the growth needs, the more focused and specific the learning objectives are. When the end results are clearly identified, you will know when you have achieved them. Vague or poorly defined needs and objectives guarantee that your journey to success will be long and rocky.


Correlation Between Needs and Standard Nine

The language in the Kentucky Teacher Standards, Standard Nine: Evaluates Teaching and Implements Professional Development of the CEO Portfolio Scoring Rubric establishes the structure of the three needs statements you use to develop your CEO Plan. The purpose of Standard Nine is to require you to evaluate your teaching performance in relation to the State Content Standards. and National Content Standards. and then begin developing a professional growth plan.

As you complete the activities outlined in Standard Nine for the Advanced-Level Performances, evidence for the other nine Kentucky Teacher Standards can be collected throughout the teacher and student growth process. The indicators in Standard Nine are tightly correlated with all of the other Kentucky Teacher Standards.

Click on this link to review the Standard Nine Indicators..
The CEO expands Standard Nine so that you can show your continuing growth over a long period of time, and the impact on student learning. It is helpful to look at Standard Nine’s Advanced-Level Performance indicators for guidance in the identification of needs, support of those needs with factual information, and development of three needs statements. This three step process results in the development of your needs statements.

This three step process results in the development of your needs statements.

Needs Statements Process
To develop your needs statements using the Standard Nine Indicators, follow this process:

As mentioned in previous sections of this lesson, two statements that are the pillars of the CEO process are:

  • Continuous growth over time
  • Impact on student learning 

These two major pillars have been present in all completed CEO Portfolios that earn a rank change. You must show professional growth over time that improves student learning.

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