2.2 Developing Profile Narratives

Continuing Education Option
Developing Profiles and Supported Needs Statement
Developing Profile Narratives, Lesson 2. Section 2 

Types of Profiles
ere are three profiles that describe what is unique about your teaching experience, your school environment, and your community that support the development of professional strengths/needs, goals, and objectives. The three profiles are:

  1. Teacher
  2. School
  3. Community

A profile is fundamental to the establishment of a background for the CEO Plan. To establish a profile, you will utilize a variety of resources.  The table below lists several informative resource tools.  Click on the Guided Questions for Developing Profiles to view and print as you organize and create teacher, school, and community profiles.

Tools and Resources for Gathering Data

Writing Narratives for the Three Profiles
Once data is gathered for all three profile types, you will organize the data into a narrative. The narratives for each of your profiles will be created and saved in one Microsoft Word document.

Provided below is a sample narrative for each of the three profiles discussed in this lesson. Notice how the information for the profile is organized in a narrative format:
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