Pathways to Administrator Certification

1. School Principal Certification

The Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board issues a Level I five year (16 KAR 3:050) Statement of Eligibility - School Principal to applicants who:

  • Have successfully completed an approved program of preparation;
  • Have three years of full-time teaching experience;
  • Have successfully completed the appropriate assessment requirements outlined in
    16 KAR6:030 or qualify for a one year period of completion for assessments under KRS 161.027(6)*
  • Hold a master's degree in education;
  • The statement of eligibility allows the candidate to obtain employment in a principal/assistant principal position and complete one year in the Kentucky Principal Internship Program (KPIP);
  • Upon successful completion of KPIP, the 5-year Professional Certificate is issued

Additional Information: "Level I" means the standards-based program of studies designed for minimal preparation to serve in the position of instructional leadership - school principal.*

"Level II" means the standards-based program of studies to attain the first five year renewal of the certificate for the position of instructional leadership - school principal.

*Out of State Applicants : Principal applicants in Kentucky are required to take the new School Leaders Licensure Assessment and the Kentucky Specialty Test of Instructional and Administrative Practices. Out of state principal certification applicants who have two years of fulltime principal experience may be waived from the SLLA test. These individuals are required to take only the Kentucky-based test. Out of state principal applicants who do not have two years of verified experience as a fulltime principal must participate in and successfully complete the one year Kentucky Principal Internship Program