Policies and Procedures

1. Proceedings Relating To Action On An Application For Certification Or An Educator’s Certification

1.7. Procedure: Suspension, Surrender, or Revocation of a Certificate

  • Approved April 10, 2017

I. When the Board issues an order of suspension, surrender, or revocation, the EPSB staff shall mail a copy of the order to the educator’s address on file with the Education Professional Standards Board.

II. A record of the Board action suspending or revoking a certificate shall become part of the educator’s case file maintained by the EPSB staff.

III. Immediately following the issuance of the order, the EPSB staff shall notify, as applicable, the reporting district, the employing school district, and the reporting party of the action taken.

IV. EPSB staff will also ensure that the suspension, surrender, or revocation is noted on the EPSB website. The period of suspension shall only be noted on the website while the certificate is suspended.

V. EPSB staff will also ensure that the information is provided to the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification (NASDTEC) for inclusion in The NASDTEC Clearinghouse. The Clearinghouse is a searchable database administered by NASDTEC relating to educator certification and discipline.