Policies and Procedures

1. Proceedings Relating To Action On An Application For Certification Or An Educator’s Certification

1.1. Procedure: Types of Actions

  • Approved April 10, 2017

I. In order to support the mission of the Education Professional Standards Board (the Board shall be used to refer to the board and the EPSB shall be used to refer to the agency), the Board may take action against an educator’s certificate in an effort to either 1) ensure that an educator has an understanding of an educator’s professional duties and responsibilities; and/or 2) protect students, parents of students, school personnel, or school officials. The Board is authorized to take the actions set forth below.

  1. Admonishment: an admonishment or reprimand (for the purpose of KRS 161.120, the EPSB considers an admonition and a reprimand to be synonymous) is a formal written censure that is placed in the case file of the educator. It is considered appropriate for violations of statute or law that are not serious in nature. KRS 161.120(4). 
  2. Suspension: a suspension is a process by which the Board temporarily deactivates an educator’s certification for a specified period of time, not to exceed two years. KRS 161.120(10). At the conclusion of the specified period of time, the EPSB staff is required to reactivate the educator’s certificate upon a demonstration that the educator has complied with any reinstatement conditions that may be set forth in an Agreed Order or Final Order. KRS 161.120(10).
  3. Revocation: a revocation is a permanent forfeiture of an educator’s certification. The Board is required to establish the minimum period of time before an applicant can reapply for a new certificate. KRS 161.120(11). Once the period of time has expired, the Board may consider a former educator’s re-application for certification upon demonstration by the applicant that the former educator is again fit for practice. KRS 161.120(11).
  4. Probationary or Supervisory Conditions: the Board also has the authority to impose probationary or supervisory conditions upon an educator’s certificate. KRS 161.120(1). This authority shall include the authority to require training.
  5. Surrender: a surrender occurs when an educator voluntarily agrees to a permanent forfeiture of the educator’s certificate.

II. The Board may initiate any combination of the actions listed above regarding any certificate or license issued under KRS 161.010 to 161.100 for any of the reasons set forth in KRS 161.120(1).